Animal Blessings.

Is Religion Going to the Dogs? (2 articles + 1 letter)
While reading a local weekly newspaper (September 25, 2009), Naughty Niko noticed an announcement in the FAITH section of the paper about an upcoming blessing of animals (Briefly In Religion, below, left).
By coincidence, in another publication, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) newspaper FREETHOUGHT TODAY (October 1, 2009), Naughty Niko also read about a
Post-Rapture service for animal owners of faith (below, center).
Being concerned about animal owners of faith and their pets, Naughty Niko was
prompted to write and submit a letter to the editor of the local newspaper that ran
the original animal blessing article (October 2, 2009, below, right).

In the following month's FREETHOUGHT TODAY (November, 2009), there was
a follow-up article to the October article (above):

The subject of Animal Blessings had come up in the past, see:
November 25 to December 16, 2005 -
Animal Blessings
(1 article & 2 letters)